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Gigantic Update!

Greetings! It's been a while since we gave you an update, so this is going to be a long one. What, did you think it's all sex, drugs, and NO rock and roll? You're wrong. Just barely. We've got lots of new offerings and future projects to discuss, so pay attention.

Emily Rugburn's new cassette is out. "Statutory Tape" produced by slangcorp, released by Grandgood. Go to to buy it digitally. We'll have ordering info for the hard copies soon. Note: all phyiscal cassettes come with a link to the digital version for free.

In celebration of "Statutory Tape", Emily has decided to give you guys a collection of b-sides, the aptly titled "Besides the B-Sides", which is now available for free at (click here to download)

GDP's new cassette is being pressed up at the moment. "Magic Bullet" produced by slangcorp, released by Ride the Fury - click here to pre-order it. There's only 200 of these jammies, and the cassette is the only place you're going to get the B-Side Junkwaffel super-skit, so get yours before they're gone. As with the Emily tapes, these will come with a link to download the digital version for free.

GDP, as you may have heard, recently wrapped up a tour through Australia. You can read all about it at or watch this handy video synopsis:

And for an entertaining read, check out this "review" of a recent GDP / Pistol / Faggy Smokes show in Potsdam, NY. We suspect the mean, dumb bitch who was running the show wrote it:

April 18th: I just saw GDP and it was one of the worst shows I've seen in a while. Not only did they show up a half hour late, but they had to be pretty much dragged onto the stage. They were also supposed to play for an hour and they were only up there for 25 minutes. They drew no response from the crowd, and they were virtually incoherent. - Anonymous

Rock and roll.

Shape has been kicking it out in San Jose, holding down the slangcorp left coast operation, and starting preliminary work on his new album "The Magic Show"... any producers who want to be part of this new chapter, holler at him. Shape's also been making musical babies with Vida Killz, Pacoe the Illiterate, Opski Chan and Barry Bones. For example:

Since long before she linked up with Shape, Vida Killz has been making records with slangcorp's Brooklyn soldier, G.R.I.E.F.78, who produced 2 full EP's for her. We're proud to add Vida's "Creation: Manifestation of Self" EP to the slangcorp library, and you can download it by clicking here, or by visiting the G.R.I.E.F.78 music section.

Rocky Reason is currently working on songs for various projects, including her third solo album (which will reportedly be sample-free) and a Pistol produced EP (which is a copyright infringement lawsuit waiting to happen - check out the first song "My Boyfriend's Back" @ There's also some buzz about DefDom doing a remix of "Higher Punishment" off of Rocky's "Part Dark Matter" album. In the mean time, check Ms. Reason kicking it live in her closet:

And for those who have yet to see it, click here to check out Rocky's music in the ads for Rachel Roy's Spring 2010 line. Viva la fashion!

Ambush NJ's pride and joy, Tone Liv, has dropped another banger with the "Path Train to Jersey" EP. It features the hit "Splish, Splash" produced by the Custodian of Records. Click here to download it, or visit the Tone Liv music section.

TMFSE recently returned home from the "Spring Sanity" tour with Roebus One, and 2 Live and Die in NJ. You can expect some video evidence of their exploits sooner than later, including TMFSE's new "D-Phonic" youtube show, which will be a Larry Hobson inspired series of drug-induced madness.

That about does it. I leave you with two promo videos of upcoming slangcorp group projects. The first one is for the Shadowboxcutter album, which is a full crew effort produced entirely by the Custodian of Records, and starring TMFSE and Larry Hobson. Watch for the debut video for "They Don't Really Like Us" featuring Pistol, TMFSE, Young Zee, Shape and GDP, directed by Rah Digga. We're aiming to have this out by the summer.

And here's a special treat promo for a little concept album coming this fall: