Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Shape Album! Flower//Violence!

Flower//Violence is the final installment in the Powerlines Trilogy. It is a closing summation on the personal political and spiritual ideas I touched upon previously on the albums "Raised Near the Powerlines" and "The GLASS HOUSE LP." Viewed as a trilogy these three albums touch on many themes, but none so much as those of social and political paranoia and technophobia and a feeling of isolation and hopelessness in a dissolving world. However cynical many of my messages can be at their darkest, I've always sought to balance those nuances with a hopeful spiritual aside, touching on ideas of spritual awakening, psychedelic adventuring and the oneness of all energy in the universe as a indication of our shared destiny.

Click here to download FLOWER//VIOLENCE

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  1. fuck yeah. every shape album is better than the last.